Children’s Recovery Units

We have two Children’s Recovery Units. These are temporary shelters for children who are sick or dying and need a halfway home once they are discharged from hospital, before they return to the care of their families. We have nurses, caregivers and houseparents to care for the children and help them on their road to recovery. We regularly pray over the children and teach them about Jesus. We help disciple the parents and teach them good morals, values and practical parenting lessons when they visit their children on family days. We also offer Hospice type care for terminally ill children and their families.

CRU Baguio

Many of the children we admit into our care come from provinces which are literally hours away from the nearest local hospital. Mountain Province children often travel up to 16 hours just to reach Baguio General Hospital. Treatment, follow up check up’s and emergency care is almost impossible for many of them because of the distance and poverty. This is why we opened a CRU in the City. The children stay until they are well enough to return to their families or until they go home to be with the Lord. This CRU is currently home to 18 children with various sicknesses including Leukemia, Imperforate Anus, M.S, Hydrocephalus, Ambiguous Genitalia, Malnutrition, Parasitic Infestation and other more minor ailments.
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CRU Olongapo

These children come from all over the Region and even as far away as Manila to our CRU, which is situated in the middle of a lush rain forest. It provides the most beautiful atmosphere for healing and recovery. It is a safe house, rescue center and hospice care home as well as a recovery unit. We can house up to 25 children at a time with our current resources. It is such a pleasure to watch the children’s lives transform and healing take place. Some stay for a few weeks, others much longer. We have some children who are journeying through chemotherapy and have had to stay for years.
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