Helping Hands Healing Hearts Ministries Philippines Inc. (HHM) began in 2001 in response to the needs of sick Filipino children. Claire Henderson had gone to the Philippines in 1998 for a 6 month mission trip but quickly realised that God had more work planned for her do. She began HHM after watching a child die a horrific death from rabies, following a dog bite. His parents wept as they explained that they just couldn’t afford the injections that would have saved his life. He needed medications. He needed a miracle. Claire started simply, by helping provide medications in the hospital to the children and families who could not afford them. Saving their lives, being there for them in their hour of need and bringing the love and the hope of Jesus to them was her mission. After a few years she began their first Children’s Recovery Unit (CRU) in Olongapo City. Another followed four years later in Baguio City and most recently HHM adopted a whole orphanage.

All in all, they provide homes and are family to about 60 children. Hundreds of lives have been saved and continue to be saved every single day. Currently the team consists of 50 local staff and about 12 foreign volunteers including Northern Irish, German and Americans. Our financial support comes from the generous donations of individuals and churches who have a heart to help too. It is only with your help, prayers and giving we are able to do what we do. Every donation makes a difference and helps change the course of a child’s life forever. We believe that our helping hands guided by the love of Jesus can help heal broken and hurting hearts. Every life matters. He knows their names!