Mission Vision


To see the children accessing their right to life and right to protection from harm when that right is in jeopardy due to illness, abuse or poverty. We also envision a system whereby children are enabled to access appropriate healthcare, medications, counsel and temporary shelter tailored to meet their specific needs.


As a Christian Organization, we offer practical, emotional, spiritual and financial assistance towards children’s recovery from illness both while they are in hospital and upon their release until such times as they can be returned to the full time care of their respective families or into the care of the DSWD in the absence of appropriate family care. We also assist families of the children to network and access services of duly recognized institutions that can specifically help their situation.


That the children and families we come into contact with, would come to know the tender heart of Christ as they see His love in action. We believe that our helping hands will also help to heal broken hearts.


  • To provide for the physical needs of the indigent patients of James L. Gordon Memorial Hospital, most especially within the pediatric departments, by offering medical assistance in the form of medicines, medical supplies and finances for work-up’s and operations. In cases where families have traveled from a distance,assistance is also extended for clothing, food and fares.
  • To provide temporary shelter for sick children following their treatment until they are well enough to return to their own home environment or to the care of the DSWD as the need arises.
  • To provide a supportive counseling service in conjunction with the DSWD to clients who are victims of rape of sexual abuse and then later direct them to appropriate organizations that will caters directly to their needs.
  • To provide livelihood assistance to the families of patients for them to restore source of income and gain self-respect.
  • To provide for the social, emotional and spiritual needs of the indigent patients and their families by offering counseling, simple education for parents and by empowering and enabling families to network and draw on resources from other useful, appropriate organizations such as PCSO, DSWD, local churches and the Mayor’s Office.