Children’s Home

education Helping Hands Children’s Home provides each child with everything practical and necessary for daily living in a secure home environment. Our children live with “parents” and “siblings” in an environment that, as closely as possible mirrors a positively functioning family. Of course, we believe that where possible, a family is still the best option but for most of our children, a family isn’t an option at this time and so we do the best we can with what we have. Local Christian staff and some foreign volunteers tend to all physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the kids. Children are taught to bathe daily, eat properly, help with the household chores and to get along well with others. They are taught respect, self-control and good moral behavior through godly discipline and mentoring. They also have a lot of fun and much time is spent making sure that each child’s love tank is well filled up! Daily activities give them structure and encourage their social, emotional and physical development; and regular praise and worship along with devotions guide them on their path to knowing Jesus.

Educational Services: Helping Hands Children’s Home provides each child ample and sufficient opportunity to obtain the highest educational attainment possible according to their desires and ambitions. This includes in-home services for the preschool and nursery aged children and special education services when applicable. When the budget allows, children are placed in private Christian schools in order to better manage their education. A local school has been very amenable to giving us discounts for our children. Upon graduation from high school, we also do our best to find sponsorship for those older children who wish to further their education by going to college.

healthHealth Services: Each child is provided with regular medical and dental exams from the time of admission. We have a full-time nurse on staff that administers daily vitamins, necessary medications, and monitors each child’s health and hygiene on a regular basis. Psychological testing and treatment is provided when necessary, as well as any other medical services.

recreation2Recreation and other Cultural Activities: Helping Hands Children’s Home provides each child with ample opportunities to develop social interaction skills, as well as the ability to blend in with society as a whole and within the family setting in particular. Our children are encouraged to participate in local festivities, extra-curricular school functions, and church programs. Regular outings expose them to the society around them and the world in which they live. All holidays and birthdays are celebrated with flare by the entire “extended family”. Birthdays a huge celebration in the Philippines and so we make sure our children know that the day they were born is special to us too! Cakes and games are a must at a Filipino birthday party.

Volunteers are encouraged to visit the home and bring appropriate programs through which they can interact with the children. Most opt to bring food and entertain the kids for an afternoon. Others bring grocery and diapers and help save us some much needed funds that month. The down side of having too many volunteers is that it reinforces the notion that people come, say “I love you” then leave. It’s hard for a child who has dealt with much rejection in their life to really believe that some people do stay forever. So, if we ever say “no thanks” to you when you ask to volunteer, trust us that its for our children’s best welfare. We know them best and we know their needs. Sometimes, its better to help by simply giving what you can and letting the kids enjoy it amongst themselves and with their “siblings” in the home without over crowding them with visitors. Christmas is a season when everyone wants to come and visit. We do make ways for that to happen and we set schedules but please, be understanding and remember, you are coming into their home. You are the visitor and they are kids. They may or may not be in the mood to entertain. If you are a parent, you’ll know exactly what I mean. On that note, let me remind you that we don’t allow picture taking during your visits. The kids feel a little uncomfortable with people wanting their pictures and DSWD don’t allow it. You are welcome to a nice group shot and we can even stamp the HHM logo onto it for you to make it more formal. If your heart is to come and be a blessing to the kids, not being able to have a photo opportunities won’t matter to you.

Our Easter Egg Hunt by Bruce Silverman and friends, Baguio City.

Yearly the children attend a Vacation Bible School Camp in our other home at Subic Bay. They really look forward to this each year. Its our version of a “family holiday” and our teams in both locations work hard to make it memorable.

Spiritual Enhancement: Our highest priority is to encourage spiritual growth in each child by teaching him or her a love and respect for the one true God of the Bible. All children and staff attend various Bible-believing churches on a regular basis, and are encouraged to participate in all church-related activities. The house parents and caregivers bring daily devotions. The staff themselves also have weekly devotions where they come together to share the scriptures and hear from the Lord. Our heart is that the children would come to know Jesus as their own and personal Saviour. Knowing that they have a loving Heavenly Father who will never leave them or forsake them helps counteract the rejection that these children have gone through in their lives. He is truly the Healer of Hearts!

A major part of our work at Children’s Home is helping prepare children for adoption and being part of the process that see’s them placed in forever families both locally and internationally. This year we have been honored to be part of seeing 3 children being placed here in Baguio City, 2 to USA and 1 to Italy. Next year 2016, there will be many more adoptions. In fact, right now we are preparing two more children for their lives in Canada and USA and are awaiting confirmation for another two children. Adoption is a beautiful thing. It is about meeting the deepest need in a child’s life, the need to belong. The bible promises in the book of Psalms that “He places the lonely in families”. He certainly does!


This beautiful family was created in July 2015. The moment the parents come to fetch their child is always special. This beauty had been living at Children’s Home for quite a long time and so there were many extra tears at her “Despidida” (Leaving Party). She is now thriving with her family in the USA. We feel honored to have been part of their journey!

Many ask how they too can go about adoption. The simple answer is this. Go to your local DSWD/Social Services/CFS. They will be the one to give you the information you need to begin your process and they will be the ones to match you with a child. There are no shortcuts and pre identification is not allowed. So, don’t come to visit for the purposes of spotting a cute baby to adopt, it will never ever happen that way.

Children are worth adopting legally and properly. Yes, it’s a long process and can be costly but it’s more than worth it to do it the right way.

Pray about becoming a foster or adoptive parent. There are way more children in care that there are foster/adoptive parents. Children need loving, stable families who can parent them, love them and help them to be all God has intended them to be.

The Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives of the Children’s Home


It is the vision of Helping Hands Healing Hearts Ministries Children’s Home to help children in crisis. They may be abandoned, neglected, abused, trafficked and orphaned children in the Philippines; children who are living in extremely difficult or poor environments and have no family members willing or able to care for them. It is HHM’s vision to provide these children with an environment that can give them not only the basic necessities of life, but also a loving permanent home when necessary, the positive influence of spiritual awareness, a positive self-worth, and the opportunity to succeed in the society in which we live. It is our vision to see children in families!


By admitting the targeted clientele, HHMCH aims to restore social functioning of abandoned, neglected, abused, trafficked and/or orphaned children who are in crisis and help them towards family reunification, community integration, or permanent placement whenever possible.

Goals/Specific Objectives

It is the goal of HHMCH to produce law-abiding, self-sufficient, productive citizens with a keen spiritual, humanitarian and social conscience. To work towards this goal, the objectives are as follows:

1. To provide a wide range of services for the care, protection, recovery, rehabilitation and development of disadvantaged children.
2. To facilitate social and emotional preparation of children for eventual family reunification, community reintegration or adoption in a timely manner as applicable and necessary.
3. To provide a secure long term, loving family environment, education, work and life skills training to those who have no other family options after all efforts have been taken to coordinate such with the DSWD and other agencies.
4. To help families, whenever possible, to become stronger, more independent, and able to care for their children themselves through training, assistance to find job placements etc.
5. To advocate for the promotion and realization of the rights of disadvantaged children.
6. To bring children up in the ways of the Lord and let them know that they have a Heavenly Father who loves them and knows them by name!


1. We believe that each child is a gift from God, and that man’s total development of his/her well-being must be the concern of our agency.
2. We believe that ideally, each and every child has the right to belong to a family, but that an institution is better than a life of neglect and/or abuse.
3. We believe that society has the obligation to assist and strengthen the family. In the absence of a family, there is a need for a good, safe and secure home to love, care for and shelter the children.
4. We believe that with love, care and a good education, a child can grow and serve their own country and someday provide a loving and good home for their own family.