Medical Missions

Healthcare is accessible in many areas of the Philippines but there are also many remote areas where folk would have to travel miles by foot to reach a health centre or hospital. In some of the mountain provinces, they even have to ride the bus for about 6 hours before they reach the general hospital. But whether from the city or the province there is one problem that’s common to all. Money problems! You have to pay for check ups in both hospitals and doctors surgeries and so very often parents don’t have the money to have their child checked up. When we do medical missions we see hundreds of patients in one day and we provide the medication that the doctor prescribes for them as well as vitamins to aid their recovery. We also pray for healing and the blessing of God on each of their lives.

The Botolan medical mission was one of our latest. I am sure you all heard about the terrible typhoons that hit the Philippines at the end of 2009. It was really horrendous. All in all over 900 lives were lost to floods, landslides and destruction caused by the typhoons. We knew we had to do something to help and so when we got a call from a local pastor saying that his church had been badly damaged we knew that we could do something to help him rebuild his church and his community. We gathered together doctors who were willing to volunteer and we bought as much medicine as we could afford, we packed up the XLT and off we went! It took almost 3 hours to get there as the roads were so badly damaged. In fact 3km’s of land was completely under water. We had to walk across a makeshift bridge just to get across the most torrential part. Falling in wasn’t an option!

That day we were able to see over 300 people and offer check ups, medicine, vitamins, minor surgeries and plenty of hope through the program we held for them. We sang, we danced, we had puppet shows and even “supermanny” our mascot made an appearance. For me the most memorable part of the day was when the Docs were able to make the platform of the Church into a minor operating room and remove cysts from the backs of 2 patients. I will never forget how grateful the guys were as they really couldn’t afford to go into hospital and have that surgery done. They’d suffered the cysts for years because of poverty. How amazing to be able to help bring them back to full health and remind them that there is a God who loves them, who wraps them in His arms. That day we didnt only touch the lives of the kids but also of the many adults who came with them.

The pastor and pastora were so pleased. We had helped them to lift up the Name of Jesus in their place and restore hope to people who had just lost everything.

In the months that followed we were able to continue partnering with that local church and help them rebuild their damaged building for the Glory of God.